Silo design for impact investor Invest-NL

On 19 November 2019, the Senate of the Dutch Parliament approved the foundation of Invest-NL. Invest-NL will help entrepreneurs with excellent plans to make the Netherlands more sustainable and innovative by financing those plans. In recent months, Silo has developed the brand identity for the impact investor.

With almost € 2 billion in capital, Invest-NL will begin to accelerate the energy transition and increase the financing possibilities for innovative scale-ups. In the long term, Invest-NL intends to expand its market focus to other areas that make the Netherlands more sustainable and innovative, for example mobility, security, digitization and the affordability of healthcare.

Invest-NL will officially start in early 2020. Wouter Bos has been named as the CEO of Invest-NL. The team consists of around 40 people and has offices in Amsterdam.

In addition to the brand identity and logo, Silo also developed the website for Invest-NL in collaboration with Driebit. Design agency Stout/Kramer will translate the brand identity into various means of communication. After the official start in early 2020, the brand identity will be rolled out.

Dennis Flinterman

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