Can you deal with it? Breaking the debt taboo

Tamara van Ark, State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment has launched the national campaign to talk openly about financial worries. EMMA and Silo developed the campaign which asks the simple question: Can you deal with it?

A divorce, a dismissal or falling behind on your rent; it can be the beginning of major financial problems. An estimated one in ten households in the Netherlands has problematic debts or risk of them. Because of shame, people with debts often do not ask for help or only do so very late. This causes the problems to pile up.

With the campaign, the government wants to break the debt taboo and help people resolve their debt.

Photographer Jan Dirk van der Burg has portrayed real people who openly come out about their debts. These ambassadors show that living with a problematic debt is difficult, but that you can be proud of how you deal with it. Can you deal with it? (‘Kom jij er uit?’) is not just a question for the person in the photo has to answer, but it also encourages the audience to reflect ‘Can I deal with it?’

Dennis Flinterman

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