Bye 2021! Hello 2022!

The year 2021 was a roller coaster from A to O: in lockdown, with a curfew, tested, vaccinated and restrictions lifted, and then everything closed again. But it was also a year in which we continued to work hard on beautiful and innovative projects at the intersection of branding and the spatial environment. Time for a brief review!

Supremely circular

The zero-waste revitalization of the Nationale-Nederlanden offices in Rotterdam and The Hague is supremely circular. The design is executed entirely with reused or innovative sustainable materials. For the hybrid co-working spaces and a special event space in The Hague, we designed a series of beautiful spatial interventions that emphasize NN’s brand values.

Work in progress for NN

We also started cool new spatial branding projects for the NVM head office and Nemag, maker of huge innovative dry bulk grabs.

For the arts

In November, Depot Boijmans van Beuningen was finally opened. We put all our knowledge and expertise into creating a unique visitor experience in the world’s first publicly accessible art depot. From wayfinding to interaction design: we made sample models for all items and conducted extensive user testing.

Amare, the largest cultural building in the Netherlands, also welcomed its first visitors in the autumn. In addition to further developing the brand identity, we worked hard on elegantly crafted wayfinding and signage. Both new icons are more than worth a visit, when possible again.

Wayfinding for Amare

Big bicycle parking, big winner

The massive bicycle parking garage at The Hague central station took home an incredible amount of awards in 2021. In addition to a gold Dutch Creativity Award, a gold ADC New York Award, and the AZ Award, the project was named Design Project of the Year by the jury of the Dezeen Awards.

It takes so many things into consideration, including human wellbeing, the environment, and how we plan to live in the future as a human race. This project is a nod towards doing things differently with a new focus, by making cyclists' needs the priority.

Judges' comments , Dezeen Awards


And then some more

The Zuidplein mall in Rotterdam is being expanded and extensively renovated. In 2021, Silo developed a plan for the new-built extension that combines branding and experience. In 2022, we will translate this into designs for the existing shopping center.

We innovated the brand identity for the premium resort Hof van Saksen and developed a spatial concept for the park. We also began working for the Central Library in The Hague, which is currently being renovated. These projects will be implemented in the year to come.

In short, despite the many challenges, we look back on the past year with great pleasure. Now it is time for a well-deserved break and to recharge. We wish you a happy 2022!

Rogier Coopmans

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