Dutch Veterans’ Day 2019: One out of a thousand

The fifteenth edition of Dutch Veterans’ Day will take place on June 29, 2019, in The Hague. Just like the previous eight years, the campaign identity was developed by Silo.

For the 2019 campaign image of the Dutch Veterans’ Day, three veterans are portrayed. The images themselves, however, comprise thousands of veterans. The portraits are created with service ribbons. These pieces of fabric are worn by veterans on their uniforms to indicate honors received for their work. Thousands of ribbons are combined to create one portrait. This shows that Veterans’ Day exists for all veterans of all missions, from past to present.

The persons portrayed are all ‘real’, they are not models. On the Veteranendag website, you can read (in Dutch) the stories of Jackson Rodrigues da Cruz, Mirjam Meindertsma, and Hendrik Fockens.

In June you will see the campaign image in outdoor media, online and in print publications. The complete case description with the development of the campaign identity will soon be available on our website.

Dennis Flinterman

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