Dutch Veterans’ Day 2020: Celebrate together, celebrate at home

During the annual Dutch Veterans’ Day we show our appreciation for all Dutch veterans. Naturally, this year’s edition will be celebrated in a different way. Silo has advised on the communication strategy and developed an appropriate campaign.

Four remarkable veteran stories will be at the heart of a NOS broadcast on Saturday 27 June at 12:45 pm, live from the Ridderzaal in The Hague.

We hear the stories of Maaike, veteran and supporting ic nurse during the corona crisis; and Dennis, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan veteran who worked as a volunteer in a nursing home during the corona crisis.

In addition, Rick, wounded in Afghanistan and now a member of the Dutch Invictus Team and Hendrik, who was deployed in the Dutch East Indies for five years, will also share their experiences.

The campaign continues the visual style of the past edition and aims to make people aware of this alternative Veterans’ Day. By watching television, everyone can celebrate Veterans’ Day in an appropriate way: Celebrate together, celebrate at home.

Since 2010 Silo has been working together with the Dutch Veterans’ Day Foundation. At the beginning of this year that cooperation was once more extended. We advise on the communication strategy, develop the creative campaigns, and translate these into all publicity tools. We look forward to a full-fledged Dutch Veterans’ Day in 2021!

Dennis Flinterman

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