Everyone wears the white carnation

Since 2010, Silo has been working together with the Dutch Veterans’ Day Foundation, creating the event identity and campaigns. This year, we also devised an incentive campaign which encourages everyone to wear the white carnation.

During the Second World War, white carnations were used as a sign of resistance against the German occupiers. These days it is a symbol of appreciation for all Dutch veterans. White carnations are worn during Dutch Veterans’ Day in The Hague and other veteran activities in the country.

The white carnation campaign shows a cross-section of Dutch society. The people in the photos are only partially visible: it is not about them, but about the white carnation that is pinned to their chest. By wearing the flower, they show respect for the veteran they know – “for my sister, my mate, my wife, my cousin, my girlfriend, my uncle, my neighbor” – and all other Dutch veterans.

The campaign is used in print, but mainly on social media.

Dennis Flinterman

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