Intrakoop: 60 years together!

Intrakoop, the Netherlands’ largest purchasing collective in the healthcare sector, has turned 60. And that means 60 years of cooperation with healthcare institutions and suppliers to improve the quality of care. Silo congratulates Intrakoop and has created a celebratory ad in line with the ongoing media campaign.

The campaign combines management jargon and healthcare speak in a tongue-in-cheek manner. The aim is to increase awareness of Intrakoop and its services among executive directors and administrators in the sector.

As a trusted knowledge partner, Intrakoop works with its members to find the best purchasing solutions in the areas of energy, food and beverages, staff, ICT, facilities, and medical. By saving time and money, healthcare providers can focus on their patients and clients.

The campaign runs in trade journals, newspapers, and online. Its simple illustrative style matches the branding approach that Silo developed for Intrakoop two years ago. The campaign began earlier this year and is now tied in with the 60th anniversary.

Dennis Flinterman

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