Jo-Ann joins Silo as Interaction Design intern

To strengthen our digital design team, a new intern has joined Silo in the beginning of September: Jo-Ann Lieuw A Peuw. She will be working on very different projects for Invest International, Hof van Saxen, Depot Boijmans van Beuningen and the Dutch Veterans’ Day.

Jo-Ann is a fourth-year Communication and Multimedia student at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, born and raised in Amsterdam-West. “For my graduation internship, I was looking for an agency where the focus is more on socially relevant work, rather than strictly commercial. Silo’s portfolio and types of clients really appealed to me,” says Jo-Ann. During the internship, she is particularly curious about working together with other disciplines and how everyone’s individual qualities contribute to the designs.

Design gaat verder dan een beeldscherm en daarom wil ik tijdens mijn stage graag kunnen verbreden, ruimtelijk ontwerpen, 3D-modelling, animeren.

When Jo-Ann is not at work, you can usually find her in a dance studio. But she also likes to get behind her desk to work on a Blender project or similar digital experiments. “I’m always creative in one way or another!”


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