Manuela Bust starts internship at Silo

In October 2019, Manuela Bust started a design internship at Silo. Over the next few months, Manuela will work as part of the design team, developing brand and identity designs that positively impact people.

Born in Thuringia, Germany, Manuela was trained as a photographer. For her bachelor thesis, ‘This ain’t no selfie’ she created a collodion wet-plate photography project which questions the impossibility of authenticity in portrait photography. She is currently completing an MA in Graphic & Advertising Design at HAWK Hildesheim near Hannover. She focuses on design thinking and media theory.

Manuela has a special interest in typography and is particularly keen to learn new things in motion graphics, spatial and identity design. “I love working in dynamic environments with new people and different cultures. It is an inspiration per se and a great opportunity to develop my skills.”

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