New wayfinding and branding for Central Library The Hague

Silo is working on an improved visitor experience for the Central Library of The Hague. The library is the place for personal development, information and meeting in The Hague and is currently undergoing a thorough renovation designed by Mecanoo architects.

The mission of The Hague Central Library is to inspire all citizens so that they keep developing themselves. Making information accessible to everyone, the library encourages debate and interaction: a truly multifunctional and inclusive gathering place.

Silo will support the library in its mission with the development of wayfinding and interior signing, and a refresh of the corporate identity and branding. The ultimate goal is clear and consistent branding – from the spatial environment to (online) communication and everything in between.

Impressions: Mecanoo Architects

The project is part of a major interior upgrade of the Central Library, designed by architectural practice Mecanoo. The specific programming per floor entices visitors to discover the building and experience everything the library offers. At the top of the building, there will be a new hybrid event space and café with a view of the Spui.

The new wayfinding will support orientation inside the building, empowering everyone to independently find books, destinations and other services. Together with Mecanoo we will strengthen the relationship between the users and the building, and ensure that every visit to the library is a pleasant experience.

The renovation will be done on a floor-by-floor basis so that the library will always remain open to the public.

Dennis Flinterman

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