Pien Halkes to study future co-working spaces

In 2020, the working environment has necessarily changed dramatically. We no longer work, meet, collaborate, brainstorm, present, or have lunch at the same physical location. We are all experiencing the immediate impact at this very moment, but what are the consequences for the working environment in the longer term? What opportunities are there for the co-working spaces of the future?

Over the next five months, Pien Halkes will investigate the future of co-working spaces. Pien is a third-year student Creative Marketing and Sales at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. The research is in line with recent Silo projects such as the branding and spatial identity of Unilever’s new Benelux HQ in Rotterdam, which is currently being finalised.

Pien is from Delft and has recently moved to Rotterdam. She feels at home in a creative environment. “I like to be creative; from tinkering with all kinds of materials to making flyers and designing websites. During my time at Silo, I hope to be inspired and gain knowledge in this area.”

Dennis Flinterman

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