Queen Máxima in conversation with ambassadors of debt campaign

Queen Máxima talked to the ambassadors of the campaign to break the taboo on debt. The national campaign encourages people to conquer their shame when it comes to personal financial problems.

Her Majesty Queen Máxima was a guest at a conference for stakeholders in debt relief in Utrecht. The conference is part of the comprehensive government campaign to break the debt taboo.

EMMA and Silo developed the campaign strategy and identity. Ambassadors – people who have come out about their financial worries – play a central role in the campaign. They tell their personal stories and how they deal with their debt.

Talking about money is not easy, especially when it comes to debt. The taboo on debt creates feelings of shame. Recognizing the taboos and financial problems is the first step towards solving debt issues.

Breaking the taboo is the starting point, but people who are looking for help should also receive that help. Good, appropriate services are necessary.

Tamara Van Ark , State Secretary of Social Affairs and Employment

The conference gave debt relief professionals from all over the country the opportunity to exchange knowledge, information, and experiences. The State Secretary of Social Affairs and Employment opened the conference, emphasizing the importance of debt relief.

Learn more about the campaign to break the debt taboo.

Photography: Martijn Beekman.

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