Impact is the goal, return is the means

The Netherlands can and will become more sustainable and more innovative. This calls for dedication, patience and capital. But above all, it calls for entrepreneurs with outstanding plans for the Netherlands of the future. Invest-NL exists to finance these plans. Silo developed the brand proposition and visual identity for the impact investor.


Brand movie for Invest-NL

Financial backing for what seems unbackable

Entrepreneurs with innovative ideas often encounter funding obstacles. This slows down the innovation process and hampers growth. With a share capital of almost €2 billion, Invest-NL has the means to take more responsible risks. This makes it possible to generate financial backing for projects that once seemed unbackable.

Innovation in the Netherlands

As a private company financed with public funds, Invest-NL distinguishes itself from venture capitalists and other investors. Impact, transition, cooperation and acceleration are the conceptual starting points for the brand identity. The logo acts as an editorial framework for thematic stories and the areas Invest-NL primarily focuses on: energy transition and innovative scale-ups.

Sprint for a Quick Scan

How do you ensure that entrepreneurs can discover quickly and easily what Invest-NL can do for them? Silo and Driebit, together with Invest-NL, used the design sprint method to develop a Quick Scan. With this online tool, entrepreneurs answer five concrete questions and immediately get a sense of whether their business plan might be eligible for co-financing.

In top gear

Since its launch in January 2020, Invest-NL has been powering ahead in top gear. Innovative entrepreneurs and other investors have easily found their way to the organization’s virtual front desk. Due to the corona crisis, priority is being given to innovations in healthcare. In addition, Invest-NL offers a temporary bridging credit program for promising start-ups and scale-ups affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

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Dennis Flinterman

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