Great grabs: Silo to develop spatial identity for Nemag

The Dutch company Nemag is the international leader in the development and production of highly efficient grabs for dry bulk. For the new headquarters in Zierikzee, Silo is developing a spatial branding concept that connects the innovative products and the strong team spirit of the people at Nemag.

Nemag is the world’s most innovative manufacturer of 4-wire grabs. For almost a century, the family business has been developing and building the largest and most efficient grab solutions, serving the top of the segment. Nemag is known as an innovator in a conservative sector and is rightly proud of its rich history.

Based on a design by Mecanoo, an entirely new office building will be built directly adjacent to the 1950s factory hall. The facade of the new building is inspired by the structure of steel sheet piling and emphasizes Nemag’s industrial character. Inside, the many visual connections between the office and the production area create a sense of togetherness.

On-site research at Nemag.

The development of the new office provides an opportunity to integrate history, present and future into the interior. The goal of spatial branding is to create an inspiring and positive working environment that underlines Nemag’s core values and convincingly conveys the story behind the products to potential clients and other visitors.

The concept for the spatial identity fits seamlessly with Mecanoo’s vision. The realization of the office is in full swing and completion is scheduled for the fall of 2022.

Rene Toneman

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