We turn spaces into experiences and concepts into tangible identities.

At Silo, we see spatial branding as the link between brand, audience and environment. Human connection informs our strategic approach, allowing us to create physical brand experiences that inspire and wonder.

We work in three stages: strategy, design and realisation. In practice, this means that our designers and strategists work together with clients and partners to look for underlying elements to make a brand visible and tangible. We turn those elements into designs and find the best ways and partners to realise them. This process is not always linear, but these stages form the core of our work.

By working this way, we help existing brands implement their identity into built environments or develop new brand identities for specific locations. Our business is longevity, with designs that make a long-lasting inspirational impact every single day.

1 – Strategy

A clear and focused design strategy is essential for strong spatial branding. As a strategic design agency, we help analyse the best ways to serve your goals through brand identity, spatial design and communication. Our strategists dissect the brief, analyse the building or plans, discuss chances and possible pitfalls, and interview stakeholders before developing a compelling strategy that helps the principal aim and narrative of the project into existence.

2 – Design

Our design process is informed by our strategy, everyday inspiration, and a healthy dose of unlimited creativity. While designing, we have a constant dialogue between strategy, users and clients to ensure a result that inspires and fully aligns. After presenting our concept, we further develop it into preliminary and final designs and incorporate user feedback to get to the optimal result.

3 – Realisation

Great ideas are only as good as their execution. To ensure that the intent of the strategy and quality of the creative ideas is carried through in the realisation, we carefully manage the production and installation of our designs. For this, we work with a group of trusted partners, each specialising in a certain application or production method.

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