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  • Vooruit: forward-thinking branding for IT provider

  • Silo Studio-in-progress, February 2024

    Silo Studio
  • Meet designer Rafael!

  • Wayfinding for Nimeto: a first look

  • Branding, interior concept, and patient experience for St. Maarten General Hospital

  • Starting an exciting new project for Drents Museum! Our key challenge is to create a new wayfinding system and improve the overall visitor experience across the quite different buildings.

  • Silo Creative Director Rene Toneman will be joining the Graphic, Packaging & Product, Spatial Jury for this year’s Dutch Creativity Awards. Be sure to enter your work before February 26th!

  • The entire Silo team hopes you’re embarking on a fantastic journey into the new year. May your days be filled with boundless inspiration, creativity, and joyful experiences.

  • A great logo can flourish across multiple iterations of a visual identity. Designed over a decade ago, the logo Silo created for LUX Nijmegen continues to be the foundation of its brand, also in the recent revitalisation by thonik!

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