Hello Célie, the new intern at Silo!

In August 2022, Célie Voets joined Silo as an intern. With her background in signmaking and wayfinding, she will support the design team in these areas. And, of course, she will learn a lot of new things. We asked four questions to get to know Célie better.

Who are you and what is your background?

I have lived in Rotterdam all my life. Since 2018, I have been studying Signmaking & Wayfinding at Nimeto in Utrecht. I am now in the final year. A previous internship at a signmaking company wasn’t for me. I much prefer designing and coming up with concepts. I am also a lot better at that.

What do you find interesting about the work of Silo?

I really wanted to do an internship at Silo because it seems like a really cool company. It’s really fun and challenging to work on projects such as the bicycle parking garage in The Hague. The technology behind this project and how it incorporates so many elements from the city really appeals to me. Zaans Medical Centre also inspires me; especially the custom wayfinding for children.

What do you hope to learn during your internship?

I think I can learn a lot at Silo, from concept development to certain techniques and the use of materials. The approach to larger projects and working in a team also interests me. I’m just very eager to learn and discover what I can do!

What else should we really know about you?

When it’s windy outside, you can definitely find on the water: I am an avid kite surfer. Furthermore, I like to draw and when I have time I go out with my camera.

Dennis Flinterman

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