Hello Ema, the other new intern at Silo!

In September 2022, Ema Kapelj joined Silo as a graphic design intern. For six months, she will be working within the team on a broad range of projects. To find out more about Ema, she answered four questions for us.

Who are you and what has brought you here?

I’m a graphic design master’s student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. I came to the Netherlands to do an internship at Silo. The most important thing in design for me is research and a good knowledge of the subject being treated. It is the basis for a functional yet unique result.

Why did you want to do an internship at Silo?

In Slovenia there is not much interest in and emphasis on wayfinding. To me, Silo represents a great upgrade to the usual way of designing. The agency approaches a spatial design like a tailor making a unique dress for the room.

What are your learning goals?

I would like to learn new methods of approaching a project and translating its story into a visual language that I am not (yet) familiar with. We all learn foreign languages, why not learn foreign visual languages?

What else do we really need to know about you?

I’m a proofreading freak. From a distance, I notice that a period, a comma, a letter is missing, or that the spacing between the lines is inadequate. I could say that microtypography is my best friend.

Dennis Flinterman

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