Hello Zohour, the new research intern at Silo

In April 2023, Zohour Mosavizadeh joined Silo as a research intern. In the next few months, he will investigate the positioning and clients of Silo as well as assist the team by researching new projects. To know a little more about Zohour, we asked him four questions.

Who are you? What has brought you here?

A son of two architects, I have always been looking at design and art. In my home city, Isfahan in Iran, I was living between centuries-old architectural masterpieces. After my math-oriented high school, I moved to the Netherlands to study International Arts and Culture Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Two years of arts and culture studies have taught me a lot about how the field works.

Why did you want to do an internship at Silo?

In buildings, I often observe a lack of identity and connection with the inhabitants. What Silo adds to architecture fills this void very well. Among Silo’s projects, I particularly like The Hague’s bike parking because I use it very often. My first experience there was being astounded and feeling like I travelled decades to the future.

What are your learning goals?

Through my internship, I would like to learn more about spatial design and experience working in a professional environment. I am also interested in how Silo positions itself within the industry and presents its approach to others. Ultimately, I want to really contribute to the development of Silo with my research.

What else do we need to know about you?

I love photography. It gives me the power to preserve moments and let others see the world how I see it. Currently, I am doing analog photography which is way more fun than digital. Having only a limited number of frames forces me to take my time for each shot and understand what I am capturing. Mostly, buildings, cities, people, and animals come in front of my lens.

Rogier Coopmans

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