Meet Dodde: Silo’s new visual design intern

Silo has a new visual design intern: Dodde Schimmel. In the coming months, she will be part of the design team and work for clients like Muziekgebouw, Amare, NLVD and Hof van Saxen.

Dodde is a fourth-year Graphic Design student at Artez, University of the Arts in Zwolle. She is particularly interested in the role designers can play in social issues, such as sustainability, the refugee problem, low literacy and health care.

As a designer, Dodde is in search of impact. What is the effect of design on human behaviour? How can design actually bring about change on a local, regional and global level? “This makes me feel responsible for my own work,” says Dodde.

For me, it's all about positive impact and meaningful change!

About her internship at Silo, she says: “I want to learn the A to Z of working at a creative agency; how communication with clients works and how to collaborate across disciplines within an interdisciplinary team. I am eager to get more experience in developing and visualising my ideas.”

In addition to her studies, Dodde works in a liquor store and (before Covid19 and hopefully again soon) at festivals and events. She loves photography, and enjoys discovering new places and locations.


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