Brand strategy for cleantech innovation hub

The Industriepark Kleefse Waard is well known in the Arnhem region and has a rich history. Schipper Bosch has transformed the former AkzoNobel site into a cleantech campus that houses, facilitates and connects sustainable and energy-related companies.

The old monumental factories and buildings on the site along the Lower Rhine have been restored or repurposed and the original road structure has been brought back. You can sense the industrial history in a location where governmental organizations, educational institutions and the business community work hard on the future.

Silo is working together with Schipper Bosch on brand strategy and key messaging for IPKW. The strategy will be the basis for the visual identity, wayfinding, signage and spatial branding. The goal is to create a strong recognisable spatial brand and to increase the profile of IPKW as a cleantech campus.

IPKW will become an innovation hub with a recognisable and distinctive place branding that explains what is happening on the campus and makes the underlying values visible and tangible for visitors and residents.

Video by Industriepark Kleefse Waard

Dennis Flinterman

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