Rene Toneman in expert panel Dutch Design Awards

In 2022, Rene Toneman, creative director of Silo, will again be part of the expert panel for the category Communication of the Dutch Design Awards (DDA). The Dutch Design Awards are awarded annually to the best Dutch designers and their most imaginative and cutting-edge projects.

DDA looks at how a design relates to Dutch society in the broadest sense of the term: economically, socially, culturally and in terms of content. Large and small issues, both in the Netherlands and abroad, call for a new, relevant design approach and give rise to new dreams to pursue.

Distinctiveness is what unites the winners of Dutch Design Awards: in the first place by relevance and impact, but also by the extent to which they relate to their own field. From new crossovers and collaborations, to craftsmanship and materialisation, to a thought-provoking approach or attractive appearance.

For the Communications category, the expert panel looks at the original way in which design is applied to make an effective and innovative connection between the aim, message, medium and end user. From brand and graphic design to digital and advertising.

With Mieke Gerritzen as chair, the Communication expert panel consists of Bas Koopmans, Karen van der Kraats, Thecla Schaeffer, and Rene Toneman.

The deadline to submit work to the Dutch Design Awards is 4 May 2022.

Rene Toneman

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