Silo to revitalize Hof van Saksen brand identity

The luxury family resort Hof van Saksen is located in the middle of the beautiful Drenthe countryside. Silo has been selected to further develop the branding and communication for this unique park.

At Hof van Saksen guests enjoy an exceptional holiday experience at the highest level. Beautiful farmhouses offer special and comfortable accommodation. Eating in one of the five restaurants is a culinary experience.

There is always something to discover both on the resort premises and in the surrounding area. The branding and communication contribute to an unmistakable and warm Hof van Saksen feeling.

In addition to the work on the brand identity, we will also be creating a magical world in the indoor play paradise Harrewar where the youngest guests can enjoy themselves for hours.

The revitalized brand identity will be implemented in 2022.

Dennis Flinterman

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