Wayfinding as a showcase for creative school Nimeto

Nimeto in Utrecht is undergoing a major renovation. The vocational school for creative space makers is preparing itself for the future. The completely transformed facilities will be an inspiring learning environment with an open appearance in which students can feel at home. Silo will develop wayfinding and signage as an innovative showcase.

At Nimeto, there is plenty of room for creativity, but also for students to develop on a personal level. The school offers a wide range of programmes, such as wayfinding, sign-making, styling, interior design, communication, media and more.

A school that teaches wayfinding, among other things, deserves an approach that motivates students to push their creative boundaries: a real showcase for the discipline!

Rene Toneman , Creative Director Silo

Silo is developing a clear and future-oriented wayfinding concept for the renovated building. In doing so, we strive to create a connection with Nimeto’s values and identity and ensure that wayfinding becomes elegantly integrated into the architecture.

Nimeto students visit Silo

Nimeto also collaborates with Silo in the education programme. Third-year students Wayfinding & Signage have visited Silo’s studio in The Hague and, for their course Research & Visualisation, developed a concept which connects visitors of the Nimeto restaurant with their environment.

Studio Maarten van Kesteren has provided the architectural design for the school’s transformation. The wayfinding strategy has been developed by Mijkswise and EyeDog. Implementation of the designs will take place in the first half of 2023

Rene Toneman

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