Welcome to the team, Roel!

Starting August 2022, Roel Deden has joined Silo as 3D Designer. With his specific knowledge and experience, he will strengthen the design team and give an important impulse to new spatial branding projects. To get to know Roel better, we asked him four questions.

Who are you and what is your background?

I am born and raised in Haarlem and still live in this beautiful city close to the sea. I have always had a preference for digital design but during my studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven I experienced how important it is to connect my designs to the real world.

I am therefore always looking for new methods to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical. By visualizing concepts, I act as connector between designers and the industry.

What appeals to you in the work of Silo?

Silo offers me the opportunity to create spatial designs again and bring them to life. Furthermore, I can continue to develop my knowledge in parametric modeling and build configurators for everyone to play with. Also, the life of a self-employed person is sometimes a lonely existence and it is nicer to work on projects together with others.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am often inspired by projects of friends and acquaintances who come up with beautiful or sustainable ideas. Since 2015 I have been part of the Envisions collective, focussing mainly on process and materiality and not on the final product. The results in a very free design process.

The work NEO design collective is concerned with the application of the product and how it is portrayed. The guys at SUPERLOCAL encourage me to think outside the box and ask what sustainability really means. Their ideas also point me to directions I wouldn’t have thought of before.

What else do we really need to know about you?

Recently, I started a platform called “3D-EDEN” with digital tools that make the life of 3D designers easier. In my spare time I go out at night to catch sea sparkle at Zandvoort and Langevelderslag with my girlfriend. During the day, you can find me floating out there on a surfboard.

Dennis Flinterman

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