Amare The Hague

Culture for everyone in the heart of the city

Amare is the new cultural hotspot in the heart of the city of The Hague. It is the place to experience theatre, dance, music, and other outstanding performing arts. Above all, it is a house for the entire city – with international appeal. Silo is Amare’s strategic partner for branding and spatial experience.


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Heart of the city

Amare is the new home of Zuiderstrandtheater, Residentie Orkest, Nederlands Dans Theater, and Royal Conservatoire. Four large performance halls, each with its own character, are be surrounded by a shell of music and dance studios and classrooms. The ground floor and the first floor form an inviting extension of public space. A wealth of activities, facilities, and experiences entices you to walk through the building rather than passing by.

I am, we are

Amare brings people together and inspires them with performing arts from all cultures. You will always feel welcome at Amare. Welcome to be amazed, welcome to reflect on your day, or just free your mind. Amare challenges you and surprises you with every visit. With these core values, we have added another layer to the name: I am, we are: Amare.

Brand and experience

Since December 2019, Silo has been working with Amare on the development of the brand. Our services range from positioning and brand strategy to visitor journeys and brand experience. By working on all elements – visual identity, spatial branding, signage and wayfinding, digital communication, and campaigns – of the Amare brand, we create a powerful integrated experience.

A brand like a house

Amare is not just a physical place with character. It is also a new cultural producer and a dedicated partner for culture across the city. This important role will take shape in the coming months. Silo continues to work on the integration of branding in the interior, including wayfinding and signage, among other things.

Amare should be a place where everyone feels at home: citizens of The Hague, musicians, dancers, students, visitors, and of course our staff.

Jan Zoet , Director Amare

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