Rebranding a landmark

Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam is a leading international venue for contemporary music and related genres, including classical, jazz, electronic pop, and world music. In 2016, Silo designed a complete revision of the brand identity.


Pulsating icon

Muziekgebouw aims to inspire a broad audience interested in music and is a leader in showcasing the versatility of contemporary music. The building and location reinforce this mission and are decisive for the identity and image of the brand. For the rebranding, Silo developed the ‘beacon’, a pulsating icon, which – like the building itself – offers orientation and guidance to anyone who is looking for new musical experiences.

Concert hall of the 21st century

Concert hall of the 21st century

Since its opening in 2005, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ has become Amsterdam’s concert hall of the 21st century. With an exciting, contemporary program which actively seeks to connect to other eras, styles, cultures and art forms, Muziekgebouw lets visitors experience contemporary music. From innovative experiments to lyrical melodies, and from the newest compositions to masterpieces from the first half of the 20th century.

The building accommodates a special concert hall in which ceilings, walls, chairs, and floors are flexible and movable.

Graphic music notation

The supporting visual style is in line with a trend in which image and movement are increasingly prominent, partly through the use of tablets and smartphones. The visual language is based on graphic music notation. By combining images of musicians with moving graphic lines and shapes, the sound and feel of the music are visually emphasized.

Uniform, yet flexible

The rebranding uses the simpler name ‘Muziekgebouw’ and does away with a strict coupling of the logo – the ‘beacon’ – and the name. This allows both elements to be used freely and more flexible. Color usage and typography have also been changed. For the communication materials, we created new guidelines to achieve a more uniform appearance and time savings in production.

Over ten years of collaboration

Since 2008, Silo and Muziekgebouw partner on numerous branding and communications projects with the aim of connecting audiences to contemporary music, strengthening competitiveness, boosting sales and promotion of Muziekgebouw as a unique and valuable cultural institution. The diversity in the programming and open communication style have resulted in a very diverse audience.

The visual identity Silo designed in 2008 adopted the recognizable outline of the building – a multi-award-winning design by architecture practice 3xN – as a starting point. The visual style evolved over the years and was completely overhauled with the redefinition of the brand identity in 2016.

Grand café 4’33

Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam has a new grand café: 4’33, a joint initiative of Muziekgebouw and Dudok Groep. The grand café is named after John Cage’s famed composition 4’33”: precisely 4 minutes and 33 seconds of complete silence. Silo created a visual identity with a logo that turns the name into a robust and characterful gesture. The typical horizontal and vertical surfaces that characterize Willem Dudok’s architecture emerge in the various expressions of the identity.

ClientMuziekgebouwYear2008AwardsBronze Lamp ADCN Awards 2017, Gold European Design Award 2017, Gold European Design Award 2012
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