Always at home in Schiedam

Housing corporation Woonplus believes that a pleasant home is a foundation for personal development. But what makes a pleasant home? After all, everyone has their own living preferences. Woonplus is always looking for the best match between people, homes, and the environment.

Engaged in dialogue

Woonplus is a multifaceted and socially responsible organization. By always engaging in dialogue, Woonplus connects to its tenants and partner organizations in the city. As a result, Woonplus promotes space for personal development and contributes to the overall quality of life in Schiedam.

Visual device

The visual identity embodies the open and positive attitude of Woonplus. The fresh colors and clear typography stand for a diverse and down-to-earth organization. The speech bubble from the logo can also be used as a functional element to highlight text or images. This simple visual device is easy to understand for all.

Individuality and diversity

In collaboration with photographer Eric Borst, Silo developed a series of images that focus on the relationship between people and their homes. The urban setting and various domestic activities emphasize the individuality and diversity that constitute living in Schiedam.

During the photo shoot in Schiedam.

ClientWoonplusYear2019CreditsErik Borst (fotografie)
Dennis Flinterman

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