Zaans Medical Center

Brand identity for innovative hospital

After years of development and construction, Zaans Medical Center opened its doors in late January 2017. It’s a friendly, innovative and reliable hospital where patients and visitors feel welcome, and the staff enjoys working. These values are to be found in the architecture, the interior, and also the visual communication.

Developments in healthcare

The healthcare sector is rapidly developing. Patients are increasingly better informed and act accordingly. The relationship between medical specialists and healthcare organizations is changing. There is more competition, and new partnerships are formed. Quality has become a more transparent factor and is no longer solely defined by medical care alone. A clear and unambiguous communication style contributes to the experience of visiting a hospital.

Revised profile

The new build was the perfect occasion to review the profile, strategy, and organization. Alongside Zaans Medical Center, Silo developed a new corporate identity and logo, as well as a series of uncomplicated brochures, leaflets, office correspondence resources, an in-company magazine, advertorials, and posters.

Graphical interpretations of medical specialties serve as tools to present complex topics in an accessible manner.

Care +

Care +

The basic idea behind the new visual identity can be summarized in one phrase: Care +. This is not only to emphasize that Zaans Medical Center only offers exceptional healthcare. It also addresses the fact that it’s an innovative hospital with a great commitment to the local community. These distinctive values are translated into the corporate identity.

Healing environment

Healing environment

For the new Zaans Medical Center, Silo developed not only the corporate identity but also a distinctive spatial identity and the wayfinding. The hospital has been designed as a healing environment which contributes to the recovery and well-being of patients. Visitors feel welcome, and the staff can function optimally. Everyone is empowered to independently find their destination within the building with ease.

ClientZaans Medical CenterYear2017CreditsThijs Wolzak (photography), Mecanoo (photography)
Dennis Flinterman

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