Complete circularity

If – like Nationale-Nederlanden – your goal is to provide future security, you cannot ignore circularity. That’s why the company ambitiously aimed for a complete circular renewal of its working environment. An environment that connects users to the organisation’s goals and values and optimally stimulates collaboration.




Fokkema & Partners (Architect), illustrations in collaboration with Knetterijs, interactives in cooperation with Living Projects and y=f(x)

The brainstorming spaces are outfitted with interactive mood makers. The visual timers support creative sessions.

Post-covid working environment

As an industry leader in financial services, Nationale-Nederlanden takes responsibility. With a zero-waste approach and aiming for the lowest possible Environmental Cost Indicator, the company does not want to burden anyone with refurbishing its Rotterdam and The Hague offices.

Moreover, the post-covid world requires a different working environment. In addition to floors for activity-based working, the iconic bridge over the A12 highway provides a unique location for an event space. An in-house venue to bring together the team and guests at important moments while emanating the core brand values.

At the heart of each co-working space is a brainstorming area clad with cubes of leftover and harvested materials – assembled without glue to adhere to the principle of circularity.

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...and mounting system...

...for the residual mosaic

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Six key takeaways of going circular for Nationale-Nederlanden

Sustainable goals

Silo and Fokkema & Partners developed a spatial identity that engages employees and visitors with the brand’s sustainability ambitions. The information and inspiration motivate them to contribute to achieving NN’s sustainable goals.

In each of the four ‘co-working spaces’, you will experience themes important to NN in this context: creativity, community, sustainability and vitality. The high ambitions in terms of circularity culminated in various interventions, including residual material mosaics.

Interventions in the Event Space: transition zone, orange thread, scales space, narrowcasting, gallery, 'You matter' signage and phone booths

In-house, out of office

For the event space, the design team developed an understated experience that immerses visitors in NN’s world and thus conveys its central values. The space was designed based on biophilic design principles, translating elements from the natural environment to strengthen the relationship between people and nature within a building.

Follow the orange thread!

The orange thread

Walking through the transition zone between the working environment and the event space frees you from the everyday. The interactive ceiling installation visualises the energy you bring into the room.

Inside, you discover an organic volume clad with hundreds of scales made of innovative sustainable sheet material. The wall covering resembles a pine cone, the feathers of a bird or the petals of a flower. The layering and application of materials create poetic views as the meandering overhead orange thread takes you along.

The scales are alternately made of 100% biobased material and recycled acrylic for remarkable transparencies.

Case video created with Living Projects.

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